Ingenious thinking is not the truth that shall set you free

This hit me like a ton of bricks tonight.

Chapter 3, section V. “Beyond Perception” paragraph 5, sentence 7:
“Ingenious thinking is not the truth that shall set you free…”

Ugh… This really strikes at the core of what I’ve been these past few years. Trying to cleverly understand what is going on with this human experience, with our souls, with the spirit world. I thought if I could just figure it out this constant state of fear would go away. I think what was actually happening here is I was using this as a way to establish a sense of superiority over others. I thought the game was based on how well we understood what was happening. And I have a very ingenious mind, and knew more than most, which put me in control. In a position of safety. Others couldn’t attack me because I knew more than they did. I perceived and understood what was really happening, and they didn’t.

But that sentence totally undermines this process. No amount of clever thinking will ever work. I could know and understand more than everyone else on earth, and I would still be trapped.

One of the earlier sections was called Perception versus Knowledge, and I think I understand this now. It’s not about perceiving the truth, trying to understand and describe what’s happening. It’s about being present and actually experiencing it. There is a simplicity here that is available to everyone equally. In the present we are all the same. I resisted this idea because I feel that I need to be above others. And instead of some fancy job, a fast car, and a trophy wife, I decided spiritual perception was going to be my way of elevating myself. This was somehow a more noble endeavor. But I see now that the result is exactly the same. Regardless of the method you use, if you put yourself above others, you are disconnected from source and live in fear.

But if you can drop that, let it go and experience everyone as an equal, there is a tremendous joy and strength here. A foundation that can never be disrupted. The elimination of fear.

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